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buy it: marc by marc jacobs

buy it

I started working for an HR Consulting firm in 2008 as an assistant to 8 very busy consultants. My initial salary barely paid the bills, and there was a stretch of time that I was making decisions like dinner or laundry? And had to eat spaghetti for a week if I wanted to splurge on a night out with friends. I have been super fortunate to have job security for the past four years and opportunities to move up and make more money. I'm now the company's Director of Finance and am proud to say that I'm *finally* in a situation where I can spend more freely. I still have debt like you read about, but have allowed myself a few treats and vacations. Surviving in NYC is a struggle! You have to reward yourself every once in a while for fighting the good fight. I recently bought my first designer purse-- the Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Natasha handbag and matching wallet. Although I had a stomachache forking over the cash, I'm grateful to have been able to give myself this pat on the back for working as hard as I have. Here's to more successful years to come!

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love it: statement pieces

love it

I *LOVE* accessorizing with statement pieces-- items that can single-handedly take a basic outfit over the top. They end up being conversation starters as well, as they usually grab a lot of attention and double-takes. I've acquired several such pieces over the past few months...

I bought these swan earrings on etsy a couple months ago. One of them has a loose back that falls off a lot (sadness) so I've come to super-glue it together every time I wear it... kind of ridiculous but I do love the way they look. I had a girl on the subway platform ask what guage they were.

I also bought these mink earrings on etsy, and they are very well made. They're super cute and add a bit of playfulness to any look. I get a lot of "you're wearing snowflakes" or "they look like snowballs" comments on these. 

This Larry Levine cape is adorbs! It's white, so I'm always a bit leery to wear it, especially when I'm going anywhere on the subway. It's a great piece to wear anywhere that they have coat check, ha. I wouldn't sling it on the back of a bar stool, but it definitely brings together skinny jeans and black pumps in a chic way.

I've said it before-- I looove sneakers. I take a page from my brother's book on sneakers though: be different. I go for sneakers (and shoes in general) that stand out and not too many people have. Then I usually take it a step further and change the laces, add laces, do anything to modify them and differentiate them even more. I got these Nike hightops last week and double-laced them. I'm in love.

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friday favorites: march 9

friday favorites

photo by Charles Cushman

SEE IT: photography I fell for this week
I love old photographs of NYC! Check out Charles Cushman's gorgeous color photographs of NYC in the 40's. The city has changed so much, but you can still see glimpses of familiarity... love it. 

Birdy's self-titled album is available for download in the US 3/20-- get it!!

HEAR IT: music I downloaded this week
1. Skinny Love by Birdy 2. Shelter by Birdy 3. Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye 4. Loudest Alarm by Scars on 45 5. Give Me Something by Scars on 45 6. Already Gone by Jenny Owen Youngs 7. Two by Two by Jenny Owen Youngs 8. The End of the World! by Lupe Fiasco 9. I Can Only Imagine by David Guetta & Chris Brown 10. Turn Me On by David Guetta and Nicki Minaj

WATCH IT: videos I peeped this week that you should too
Rick Merecki directed and produced 3 short films titled "Move", "Eat" and "Learn". They're so well done and make me want to hop a flight to anywhere and start adventuring! The description from his Vimeo page: 3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage... all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ....into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films...

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.


LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Glasstress exhibit at MAD; piece by Javier Perez

DO IT: museum exhibits to visit asap
Go to ICP to see the Weegee photography exhibit: Murder Is My Business... photos taken by Weegee in the 30's and 40's of NYC crime scenes. There's also a recreation of his apartment and some of his posessions-- odd stuff. I'm game.

Must see: Glasstress at the Museum of Arts and Design. Gorgeous pieces on display, including "La Carrona" by Javier Perez (pictured above). Seeing that up close is worth museum admission alone. 

The Radical Camera: New York's Photo League, 1936-1951 at the Jewish Museum. They have arranged the photos on an interactive map online so you can see where they were taken and have a full appreciation of how much New York has changed with the times. Pretty amazing.

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love it: being green

love it

I've claimed kelly green as my spring/summer color and have since been on the lookout for everything in the shade. Here are my top picks from Etsy:

From left to right, top to bottom: 1. Cotton Dress by pinandhem ($130) 2. Earrings by botny ($10) 3. Bathing suit by temerson1 ($60) 4. Infinity scarf by cheeryloops ($28) 5. Bib necklace by NoPlainTs ($20) 6. Flower hairpin by WhatADo ($18) 7. Leather bow clutch by aanthonydesigns ($130) 8. Canvas hobo by RaquelGonzalez ($85) 9. Feather headband by Bettybows22 ($25)

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buy it: new sephora faves

buy it

Went on a mini-spree at Sephora the other day and picked up some new favorites. I'm a big fan of Kat Von D's Sephora collection, especially her Saint perfume, which I wear every day. This eyeshadow palette of brights makes for playfully colorful peepers, especially when layered over Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer (no creasing!). My fave buy of the day was Kat Von D's liquid lipstick in Berlin-- finally a red lipstick that I can pull off and that stays put. I wear it all day and it manages to survive through multiple cups of tea, breakfast and lunch. *Love* it! I also got a few mini Sephora eyeliner pencils in fun colors. And finally, an old standby: Buxom mascara. Classic.

1. Kat Von D's Mi Vida Loca eyeshadow palette $36
2. Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Love Lipstick $19 
3. Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion $20 
4. Sephora Nano Eyeliner Pencil $5
5. Buxom Mascara $19 

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