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I *LOVE* accessorizing with statement pieces-- items that can single-handedly take a basic outfit over the top. They end up being conversation starters as well, as they usually grab a lot of attention and double-takes. I've acquired several such pieces over the past few months...

I bought these swan earrings on etsy a couple months ago. One of them has a loose back that falls off a lot (sadness) so I've come to super-glue it together every time I wear it... kind of ridiculous but I do love the way they look. I had a girl on the subway platform ask what guage they were.

I also bought these mink earrings on etsy, and they are very well made. They're super cute and add a bit of playfulness to any look. I get a lot of "you're wearing snowflakes" or "they look like snowballs" comments on these. 

This Larry Levine cape is adorbs! It's white, so I'm always a bit leery to wear it, especially when I'm going anywhere on the subway. It's a great piece to wear anywhere that they have coat check, ha. I wouldn't sling it on the back of a bar stool, but it definitely brings together skinny jeans and black pumps in a chic way.

I've said it before-- I looove sneakers. I take a page from my brother's book on sneakers though: be different. I go for sneakers (and shoes in general) that stand out and not too many people have. Then I usually take it a step further and change the laces, add laces, do anything to modify them and differentiate them even more. I got these Nike hightops last week and double-laced them. I'm in love.

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