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at home: easy picture wall

at home

Over the past few months I've been hitting the books hard at LIM College, attending class full time and earning my MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship. It's been a great experience and is helping me launch a new clothing line (more on that really soon). I've also moved into a gorgeous new apartment with my boyfriend, and we've been buying and building furniture, and decorating up a storm. We share a board on Pinterest where we've both been pinning things we would like for our new nest. We both liked the idea of a picture wall, and with our bedroom walls completely empty, I snagged some supplies to make our own. 

You will need:
2 sets of frames from Urban Outfitters (20 frames total)
Command picture hanging strips (I got the 4-pack)
A piece of string (mine was 5 ft long to match our headboard)
A level (I downloaded a bubble level app on my phone)

First I measured my headboard, which was 5 feet wide. I put the tape measure on the counter so I could lay out my frames and move them around until I liked the configuration. If you don't have a tape measure, go ahead and measure with string, then lay the string on the counter or floor to do your layout. 

Once I liked what I saw, I put Command picture hanging strips on the backs of all of the frames. (I did a test on our walls-- they did come off just as easily as they say they do). These are great because they aren't permanent and if you goof you can peel them off and move your frame. 

Next I taped the string on the wall above our headboard, to act as a guideline for mounting all the frames. I used my level app to make sure the string was level. I put up the two top corner frames first, then filled in the top line, then worked my way down. I had to re-do a couple, so it was good I had a few extra strips. 

I love the way it turned out. Can't wait to get photos printed!

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at home: living room makeover

at home

my newly-settled living room!

Since my IKEA shopping spree on Friday, I've been slowly giving my apartment the desperate makeover it needed. I wasn't taking advantage of all the space I have, and most of my belongings have been in boxes since I moved in February. Now that I have bookcases, dvd racks, and more furniture, I can spread out and put things away where they belong. I'll be back out adventuring now that I've taken care of the home-front! 

somewhat less of a disaster...

the cats seem to approve...

...finally some proper DVD storage... more hunching over to eat at the coffee table...

...and I've still got my beautiful NYC view... just a nicer place to enjoy it!

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at home: constructive weekend

at home

After writing about the decorating I have planned for my apartment, I was really amped to get to IKEA this weekend to start shopping. I got out of work early on Friday and headed straight for the Pier 11 ferry to Red Hook. What a nicer way to get there than the shuttle bus from downtown Brooklyn! 

taken with my special fx camera app on my phone from the ferry

I spent 2 hours roaming the showroom with my list, checking out everything in person after scoping it out online. The warehouse was a bit daunting since I was on my own, and I'm really not the biggest or strongest person. After struggling with a couple 90lb boxes and snagging a giant canvas print of Paris on impulse, I paid to have it delivered the next morning to my Astoria apartment. (The extra $100 was sooo worth it to have them bring everything up to my apartment... getting it on the cart by myself was enough of a struggle.)

My delivery window was 10a-2p, and they called at 8:30a saying they were in the neighborhood! I jumped out of bed and had just enough time to put on some pants and wipe off my eyeliner from the night before. 

I spent my whole day on Saturday putting together furniture. I've done entire rooms of IKEA furniture before, so I knew what I was in for. It still didn't stop me from being overwhelmed every time I opened another box and found this:

I was so excited about my new desk and bookcase! Such an improvement over the POS I've been using.

my new TV stand was a big relief more than anything. My flatscreen has been on a shoe rack for 2 1/2 years that was buckling under the weight. I was dreading coming home one day to a busted TV on the floor.

Today I was in Jersey all day at a birthday party. (Last night in the midst of the IKEA storm in my apartment, I managed to make mac n cheese for 40 people... go me!) Was a fun afternoon, but man, I'm exhausted! I managed to get everything assembled except my dresser, which will have to get done tomorrow. Can't wait to share photos of my finished apartment! I'm so unbelievably happy that it's finally all coming together. Living in a huge apartment by myself with nothing more than a futon and a rickety desk was a drag. Yay for a pretty apartment!!

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at home: bedroom preview

at home

For those not keeping record, I've been living in my apartment for 6 months already... and stuff is still in boxes. My bedroom wasn't even being used until I got my bed from my mum's house 2 months ago, and it's still so empty it echoes in there. I've been procrastinating decorating, for lots of reasons. The biggest reason is money... or rather, the lack thereof. I was supposed to be sharing this space, and was only counting on paying half of the monstrosity that is my monthly rent. The space is much bigger than I would ever really need for myself, but who am I to complain about too much space in a NYC apartment? I've been searching for some inspiration, rather than buying stuff just for the sake of filling space. I've finally got some sense of an Alice in Wonderland theme going (and thankfully a bit of cash) and am planning a fantastically indulgent shopping trip Saturday! I can't wait to share photos of the finished bedroom, but here are the pieces I've been collecting:

dresser, nightstand

vanity, mirror


vinyl tree, butterflies to rest on it

ace vinyl wall decalbirdcage that will house potted flowers


giant jaxchess pieces

7-piece bedding set

Whatcha think? I'm hoping I have enough of an eye for design that I can incorporate all of this into a cohesive bedroom theme, rather than it look like a funhouse exploded in my apartment. Got any suggestions for me before I go shopping Saturday? I'm always looking for design advice, so lemme know!

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at home: maze to my heart

at home

This week I saw this tshirt linked by someone I follow on twitter and really loved it. A few days later, while browsing CB2 online, I saw this maze and a lightbulb went off...

I'm so not artistic, but you get the idea, right? I have plenty of white paint and some artsy friends, so I would like to eventually make the arrow and heart more pronounced, but I couldn't wait to get it up on the wall!

My bedroom is still super empty, but this is a step in the right direction. I'm aiming for a Alice in Wonderland/whimsical vibe... furniture is so darn expensive and it's just me here, so hauling furniture off the sidewalk isn't always an option either. I'll get there, slow but sure!

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