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After writing about the decorating I have planned for my apartment, I was really amped to get to IKEA this weekend to start shopping. I got out of work early on Friday and headed straight for the Pier 11 ferry to Red Hook. What a nicer way to get there than the shuttle bus from downtown Brooklyn! 

taken with my special fx camera app on my phone from the ferry

I spent 2 hours roaming the showroom with my list, checking out everything in person after scoping it out online. The warehouse was a bit daunting since I was on my own, and I'm really not the biggest or strongest person. After struggling with a couple 90lb boxes and snagging a giant canvas print of Paris on impulse, I paid to have it delivered the next morning to my Astoria apartment. (The extra $100 was sooo worth it to have them bring everything up to my apartment... getting it on the cart by myself was enough of a struggle.)

My delivery window was 10a-2p, and they called at 8:30a saying they were in the neighborhood! I jumped out of bed and had just enough time to put on some pants and wipe off my eyeliner from the night before. 

I spent my whole day on Saturday putting together furniture. I've done entire rooms of IKEA furniture before, so I knew what I was in for. It still didn't stop me from being overwhelmed every time I opened another box and found this:

I was so excited about my new desk and bookcase! Such an improvement over the POS I've been using.

my new TV stand was a big relief more than anything. My flatscreen has been on a shoe rack for 2 1/2 years that was buckling under the weight. I was dreading coming home one day to a busted TV on the floor.

Today I was in Jersey all day at a birthday party. (Last night in the midst of the IKEA storm in my apartment, I managed to make mac n cheese for 40 people... go me!) Was a fun afternoon, but man, I'm exhausted! I managed to get everything assembled except my dresser, which will have to get done tomorrow. Can't wait to share photos of my finished apartment! I'm so unbelievably happy that it's finally all coming together. Living in a huge apartment by myself with nothing more than a futon and a rickety desk was a drag. Yay for a pretty apartment!!

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