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There's nothing quite like receiving a love letter. Whether it's the double-sided note in high school with the notebook fringe on the margin, a post-it in your lunchbag or a scribble on your foggy bathroom mirror, we love to be loved. The World Needs More Love Letters has made it their mission to encourage people to write more, and pass bits of sunshine on to those who need it. And couldn't we all use a little note of encouragement sometimes? The task is simple-- write a letter, jot "" on the note or envelope, and leave it somewhere where it will be found and read by someone. The idea is that it will make someone smile, and perhaps they'll pay it forward and write one of their own. I have always loved projects like this... I've left my own postcards in Postsecret books at Barnes & Noble, and have written letters and sent care packages to soldiers overseas who didn't know me. It's nice thinking you could possibly make a stranger's day. I've got tons of stationery and words of encouragement to share-- can't wait to leave a few letters around the city!

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