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buy it: fall fashion staples and standouts

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I've been radio silent for months, and a majority of that is due to the fact that I was applying to, enrolling in and now attending LIM College for my MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship. How excited am I?! I'm also super busy and slowly trying to get my regularly-scheduled programs back on track... including this blog! 

Attending a fashion school has made me very aware of what I'm wearing every single day. Even on Sunday morning heading to get a bagel, I was applying purple cateye liner and donning my skinnies and Jeffrey Campbell booties. It's finally feeling a bit like Fall (yay!) and I'm pumped to dress for it. Yesterday I picked out some fabulous fall staples and standouts from Piperlime:

From left to right, top to bottom:

1) Tinley Road Ruched tee - $18.99 

2) Tulle Heart Print Blouse - $39.99

3) THML Clothing Sequin Collar Blazer - $39.97

4) Jessica Simpson Calie(black patent) - $79

5) Jessica Simpson Calie(nude patent) - $79

6) Ivanka Trump Pinkish(yellow patent) - $89.99

7) Tinley Road Square Link Necklace - $32.99

8) Tinley Road Peter Pan Collar A-Line Mini - $79

9) Tinley Road Bleecker Pencil Skirt - $49

Whatcha think? Any faves?

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buy it: meshu

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Haven't you always wanted to turn your foursquare check-ins into jewelry? No? Well you will once you meet Meshu. Head on over to Meshu, login with your foursquare account, and voila! They'll lay out several different designs based on your entire foursquare check-in history. You can pick one or build a custom piece that shows only places you want. They'll make your unique piece into earrings, a necklace, or cufflinks. They're definitely conversation starters! Here are my favorites from my own check-ins-- my neighborhood, Brooklyn, my May Sarasota vacation, my homestate, the town where my mum lives and my hometown:

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buy it: nike id

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Continuing my love affair of over-the-top sneakers, I finally got my Nike ID's in the mail today! They take 4-6 weeks to make after you customize your pair online. You pick the colors of everything, including the stitching, sole, and extra laces. They're $110, which isn't really bad considering they're made specifically for you. They're adorable and match all my bright colors for spring! Amped to rock these all over the city.

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buy it: colored denim

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I looove colors!! Colored denim is everywhere this season: in every hue, in seemingly every lookbook and storefront window. Here's a little roundup of where to buy this new trend on a slim budget!

Under $50:
1. Red Fashionista Skinny Jeans (Wet Seal, $26.50) 2. Orange Vibrant Skinny Jeans (Forever 21, $24.90) 3. Yellow Jegging (American Eagle, $44.50) 4. Green Matelot Skinny Jeans (Forever 21, $22.80) 5. Blue Pull On Color Legging (Wet Seal, $24.50) 6. Aqua Whiskered Skinny Jean (Forever 21, $24.90) 7. Pink Jegging (American Eagle, $44.50) 8. White Fashionista Skinny Jean (Wet Seal, $26.50)

Under $100:
1. Red 1969 Legging Jean (GAP, $69.95) 2. Orange Zelda Jean Legging (Express, $79.90) 3. Yellow Slim Pop Fabric Trouser (Zara, $79.90) 4. Green Zelda Jean (Express, $79.90) 5. Blue 1969 Legging Jean (GAP, $69.95) 6. Purple Zelda Jean Legging (Express $79.90) 7. Pink Slim Pop Fabric Trouser (Zara, $79.90) 8. White 1969 Cropped Legging Jean (GAP, 59.95)

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buy it: marc by marc jacobs

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I started working for an HR Consulting firm in 2008 as an assistant to 8 very busy consultants. My initial salary barely paid the bills, and there was a stretch of time that I was making decisions like dinner or laundry? And had to eat spaghetti for a week if I wanted to splurge on a night out with friends. I have been super fortunate to have job security for the past four years and opportunities to move up and make more money. I'm now the company's Director of Finance and am proud to say that I'm *finally* in a situation where I can spend more freely. I still have debt like you read about, but have allowed myself a few treats and vacations. Surviving in NYC is a struggle! You have to reward yourself every once in a while for fighting the good fight. I recently bought my first designer purse-- the Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Natasha handbag and matching wallet. Although I had a stomachache forking over the cash, I'm grateful to have been able to give myself this pat on the back for working as hard as I have. Here's to more successful years to come!

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