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at home

For those not keeping record, I've been living in my apartment for 6 months already... and stuff is still in boxes. My bedroom wasn't even being used until I got my bed from my mum's house 2 months ago, and it's still so empty it echoes in there. I've been procrastinating decorating, for lots of reasons. The biggest reason is money... or rather, the lack thereof. I was supposed to be sharing this space, and was only counting on paying half of the monstrosity that is my monthly rent. The space is much bigger than I would ever really need for myself, but who am I to complain about too much space in a NYC apartment? I've been searching for some inspiration, rather than buying stuff just for the sake of filling space. I've finally got some sense of an Alice in Wonderland theme going (and thankfully a bit of cash) and am planning a fantastically indulgent shopping trip Saturday! I can't wait to share photos of the finished bedroom, but here are the pieces I've been collecting:

dresser, nightstand

vanity, mirror


vinyl tree, butterflies to rest on it

ace vinyl wall decalbirdcage that will house potted flowers


giant jaxchess pieces

7-piece bedding set

Whatcha think? I'm hoping I have enough of an eye for design that I can incorporate all of this into a cohesive bedroom theme, rather than it look like a funhouse exploded in my apartment. Got any suggestions for me before I go shopping Saturday? I'm always looking for design advice, so lemme know!

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