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I've been stressing lately... and when I stress, my face pays for it. This week I've been feeling like I'm in high school again... so not cute. While I'd love nothing more than to jaunt up to Bliss for a No Zit Sherlock facial, $165 is way out of my budget. Google to the rescue! I spent my lunch break looking up homemade facial scrubs, and after reading up on what's good (and not so good) for your face, I went home with a mission.

I already had everything I needed to make this stuff-- a fresh lemon (on hand for my sun tea), sugar, and honey. Mix together 2 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp honey, and juice from half a lemon. The sugar exfoliates and gives you a rosy glow, the lemon is an astringent and reduces redness, and honey is naturally antibacterial and a great moisturizer. Honey is also used in cosmetics to help reduce the signs of aging, as its antioxidants help eliminate free radicals.

My skin tends to be pretty oily. If you have dry skin, you can add a bit of olive oil as a buffer from the lemon. I was a little apprehensive about the lemon given that my skin is sensitive and prone to redness, but I balked at slathering any type of oil on my already-breaking-out face. Once mixed together, this stuff was so tasty! (Of course I had to stick my finger in it...) Wash your face with your regular cleanser, then pat dry. Apply the scrub, massaging into your face and neck for a few minutes before letting it sit for 10 minutes. The lemon didn't cause any irritation at all, and it definitely made my skin softer. (Just keep your eyes shut, ladies!) The general redness I had before was replaced with more of a glow, which is nice. I wound up having enough to basically cover myself head to toe in this stuff, which was kind of deliciously fun. I'll give the olive oil version a try to battle my dry skin when it's wind-whipped in January. 

Any homemade beauty products you swear by? Tell me about 'em!

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