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do it: write more love letters

do it

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There's nothing quite like receiving a love letter. Whether it's the double-sided note in high school with the notebook fringe on the margin, a post-it in your lunchbag or a scribble on your foggy bathroom mirror, we love to be loved. The World Needs More Love Letters has made it their mission to encourage people to write more, and pass bits of sunshine on to those who need it. And couldn't we all use a little note of encouragement sometimes? The task is simple-- write a letter, jot "" on the note or envelope, and leave it somewhere where it will be found and read by someone. The idea is that it will make someone smile, and perhaps they'll pay it forward and write one of their own. I have always loved projects like this... I've left my own postcards in Postsecret books at Barnes & Noble, and have written letters and sent care packages to soldiers overseas who didn't know me. It's nice thinking you could possibly make a stranger's day. I've got tons of stationery and words of encouragement to share-- can't wait to leave a few letters around the city!

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travel: lido key


I travel alone quite a bit. In September I even went to London and Paris for 8 days solo. I think it's an amazing way to clear your head, do what you want, and relax on your own time. My first vacation alone was to a little island off Sarasota called Lido Key. It was 2007-- I had just left my husband, and was in desperate need of some sunshine, solitude, and peace. A friend suggested this little slice of bliss to me and I had an amazing four days. Since then I have returned several times, and have always had a fantastic time. Work has been bananas lately, and I was so looking forward to another trip to Lido. I left last Saturday, two days after my birthday, and was planning a week of laying on the beach and not much else. My first day I arrived at 11am and after checking into my hotel, headed straight for the beach. I paddled around in the Gulf a bit, got some lunch, and slathered on the SPF every couple hours. That night I headed up to St. Armand's Circle-- another tiny island, consisting of a traffic circle and tons of little shops and restaurants. I went into a favorite restaurant for dinner and drinks and took notice of one of the waiters pretty immediately. Lucky for me he happened to notice me too, and we exchanged numbers. He met me at the beach the next day, and we wound up spending the rest of the week together. I had the most amazing time, and did so much more than I would have done had I spent the week alone.

We ate gator...

watched the sunset...

had lunch at the Tiki Bar...

went wine tasting...

had our cake (and ate it too!)...

went to Siesta Key...

and came up with an inside joke or two...

What a happy surprise and bit of serendipity to have met him-- and on my very first day! Super sad to be going home now. Perhaps I can persuade him to visit NYC in the future. Already looking forward to my next Lido trip! x

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see it: my 2012 sketchbook submission

see it

I finished my submission for Arthouse Co-op's Limited Edition Sketchbook Project! My chosen theme was "Distance and Time" and I entitled my sketchbook Strangers. I'm really happy with how it turned out and would love for you to check it out. I added a soundtrack, picking out a song for each spread in my book. I made a special page dedicated to my sketchbook (see the "sketchbook" tab at the top of this web page?). The soundtrack playlist is there too. You can also go check out my Arthouse profile and link up with me if you're an Arthouse member!

I would *love* any feedback once you've checked it out. You can also go see it (and thousands of other sketchbooks!) in person at the Brooklyn Art Library. The place is amazing, and a haven of inspiration for artists. Go look, read and listen and lemme know what you think!!

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love it: birthday no. 29

love it

I always sort of dread my birthday. I don't mind getting older, but it always makes me starkly aware that I'm single and sort of a loner. As always, I had nothing to worry about-- my friends pulled off another fabulous birthday for me, with a week of concerts, dinners, cupcakes and celebrations. We had (my fave!) Sugar Sweet Sunshine cupcakes at work...

dinner and dessert at Stanton Social...

dinner and dessert at A Voce...

...and my Pop sent me the most beautiful flowers!

Cheers to one last year in my 20's! Thanks everybody!! xoxo

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hear it: dragonette

hear it

I have been a Dragonette fan for a long time-- I've been dying to see them live. I finally got my chance and made sure to get to Bowery Ballroom early so I could get a good spot. It was one of the most fun shows I've ever been to! Martina is amazing, and the whole show was super high energy, dancey fun. 

They performed all of my favorites and I added some new ones into my rotation. If you're unfamiliar with their music, check out I Get Around, Easy, Pick Up the Phone and their newest single- Let It Go. I took this video of Big Sunglasses:

They're coming back to NYC in September to perform at Webster Hall... get a ticket!!

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