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eat it: crepes

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Crepes on Columbus

I really love crepes. I've had them at several places around the city... here are my faves!

Yorkville Creperie is less than a block from my first apartment in NYC. During my Us Weekly internship I lived on E 83rd between 1st and York... and Yorkville Creperie is right around the corner! Their sweet crepes menu has some indulgently over-the-top selections. Try the "sweet": white chocolate, cinnamon baked apple, graham cracker crumbs, ice cream and cornflakes (I'd suggest splitting it and getting some tea to go with...). They also serve fab paninis if you're looking for something a bit heartier. They have free wi-fi available, too.

I discovered Crepes on Columbus after a long winter walk through Central Park with my mum. When we emerged from the northwest corner of the park, we stopped at the first place we saw. What luck! I absolutely love this place, and have eaten here countless times since happening upon it three years ago. Service is a bit casual (read: slow) but they're very friendly and portions are generous. They also have amazing homemade soups and a full breakfast menu. Afterwards, take a stroll through Riverside Park or do some shopping at 808 Columbus Avenue (Michael's Crafts, TJ Maxx, Sephora, Whole Foods).

La Crepe Parisienne serves up crepes in a hurry, rolled into cone shapes that are easy to eat on the go. They also have seating for those who want a more leisurely meal. Located on Spring Street in SoHo, this spot is located in walking distance of the Angelika. Grab a crepe and an iced tea, and go see Winter's Bone- the winner of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize.

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eat it: sweetiepie

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I love whimsy and fun. I love bright colors, comfort food and celebrations. Sweetiepie embodies everything I love about... well, everything. This restaurant downtown is the closest I've come to Wonderland in New York City. I celebrated my birthday there last year and it was perfect; so when a friend asked for a magical birthday party venue, I didn't think twice about recommending it. After telling her all about it (the menu! the bar! the cute waiters!) I was craving another visit. I suggested we meet there after work today for a drink so she could check it out pre-party. I really do love it there! When I got home I flipped through the photos of my Sweetiepie birthday celebration... here are my faves:

how cute is this place?!

(probably) the only bar in NYC with bowls of gumballs, jars of pretzels, bottles of maple syrup, and giant lollipops (check out the mirrored ceiling!)

(definitely) the only restaurant in NYC with a table inside a birdcage (I MUST have this table next time... amazing)

the menu has kid-friendly basics that I'm totally down with... tots and grilled cheese! (the had grown-up stuff too, but where's the fun in that?)

their waitstaff is fantastic... from recommending specialty drinks to singing happy birthday (and the bowties, love it! so 50's soda-fountain... adorable.)

and what's a celebration without dessert? birthday cake, ice cream sundaes, and cookies with a side of hot fudge to dip 'em in... sooo good!

Sweetiepie is located downtown, and has some awesome specials going on-- including bottomless cocktails brunch for $20, and happy hour burgers/tots/beer for $15! The decor is worth a visit alone, and I promise you won't be disappointed with the food, cocktails, or service. Love!

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toast it: sanctuary t

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I LOVE tea. So when I heard about Sanctuary T, I had to check it out stat. They offer beer and wine, but they also make tea-infused cocktails that are amazing. I had a cava de cama: elderflower, chamomile tea, and cava (sparkling wine). A girlfriend I brought along with me drank jasmine caprioskas: house-infused jasmine vodka, lime and simple syrup. Was pretty tasty. I also had a glass of "sunshine": house-infused vanilla bean vodka (yum!), raspberry puree and simple syrup. This was my fave! Their specialty drinks are a bit pricey ($12-$14) but it would be a great place for a date or night out with the girls. I'm definitely going to check them out for brunch soon! A pot of tea and french toast... I'm so there. 

They also have an online shop for those of you not in the city (or anyone looking for the perfect gift). They've got a fab selection of loose teas (try red moon or geisha beauty), iced tea kits, snacks... even seasonings and bath salts. (I'm seeing a solution to my holiday shopping already...)

Sanctuary T is located downtown on Broadway near Federal Plaza. They're open 7 days a week for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Check 'em out!

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eat it: il matto

eat it

Welcome to Il Matto. Translation: the Madman-- and it suits its moniker with flair. Recently opened by Chef Matteo Boglione, Il Matto is a fresh mix of art gallery, Italian eatery and mad tea party. An overall sterile atmostphere is broken up with pops of color and whimsical furniture. A giant painting depicting the owner as an octopus and teacup-shaped booths that spin around the table contribute to the restaurant's daring decor.

The menu offers creative dishes such as black squid ink gnocchi with crabmeat ragout topped with fried zucchini blossom and black olive crusted sea scallop, grilled porcini mushroom, yellow beets and almond milk foam. The parmigiana style zucchini with smoked mozzarella appetizer was fabulous as well.

The cocktail menu, divided into "salty" and "sweet", offers up bizarre libation ingredients like worcestershire sauce, pickled cucumber, pink peppercorn, ricotta cheese, lettuce, and balsamic reduction. An admittedly less-adventurous option on the menu, the Rosso Tiziano (rum, lemon juice, sugar, raspberry, and tomato) was more my speed, and very tasty.

Not to be missed is their creme brulee. Split it if you must, but it's delicious (you'll wish you ordered your own).

Located in the heart of TriBeCa at 281 Church Street, Il Matto is open for dinner daily from 4:30-10:30p, staying open an hour later on Friday and Saturday. Reservations can be made online at Open Table, or by calling (212) 226-1607.

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eat it: popbar

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Walking down to the City Quilter for supplies I came across popbar-- a delicious homemade gelato place that might be my new fave go-to dessert! (Sorry Pinkberry...) Gelato, sorbetto and yogurt pops in numerous flavors await you-- ready to be dipped in toppings- er, poppings

I chose coconut gelato with coconut shavings, double-dipped in milk chocolate and dark chocolate. It was suuuper good!

The pops are made fresh daily (you can even watch 'em!) and naked pops are gluten free and kosher certified (some poppings may contain gluten). Popbar is located on the corner of 6th Avenue and Carmine Street, near the W4th subway stop. I'm already imagining my next combo... see em all here, then go downtown and get one for yourself. They're open til 11p weekdays, 1a weekends.

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