eat it: popbar

eat it

Walking down to the City Quilter for supplies I came across popbar-- a delicious homemade gelato place that might be my new fave go-to dessert! (Sorry Pinkberry...) Gelato, sorbetto and yogurt pops in numerous flavors await you-- ready to be dipped in toppings- er, poppings

I chose coconut gelato with coconut shavings, double-dipped in milk chocolate and dark chocolate. It was suuuper good!

The pops are made fresh daily (you can even watch 'em!) and naked pops are gluten free and kosher certified (some poppings may contain gluten). Popbar is located on the corner of 6th Avenue and Carmine Street, near the W4th subway stop. I'm already imagining my next combo... see em all here, then go downtown and get one for yourself. They're open til 11p weekdays, 1a weekends.

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