do it: survive cabin fever

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I've been in bed with a 102* fever for 2 days, and I'm starting to go crazy. I was planning on going to Coney today to check out the 20th annual sand sculpting competition... but that was a no-go. I fainted in my living room a few days ago, so I didn't think hitting the beach was a smart idea. I've been relying on a few things to get me through the past couple days:

A suspenseful book...

Thank goodness for Kindle! The first 2 books in this series had me on the edge of my seat, and the last installment in the trilogy has not disappointed so far.



a friend brought some fruit and tea... a lot of this fruit was made into smoothies!


Been watching tons of movies! Remember Me was better than I thought it would be... the ending caught me by surprise.

Crazy thunderstorms...

Sitting on my fire escape I took video and photos of the storm that prompted tornado warnings across the 5 boroughs yesterday

Kitty love...

my kits have been keeping me company!

With any luck I'll be up and about tomorrow, and can head to Governors Island to check out the {NewNew}! I've been looking for some serious design inspiration for my apartment... I need some cheap, fun ways to spruce up my space. Then maybe next time I'm stuck at home I won't be so eager to get out.

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