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We're in the thick of the dog days of summer, and I've had it with the heat! I've been keeping cool bike riding, eating pops, and making batches and batches of sun tea. Shop these cool blues on etsy and find your own relief-- in the form of retail therapy. You're welcome.

1. These butterflies are the latest addition to my Alice in Wonderland bedroom (taking up residence in this tree). Put 'em on your houseplants for a little taste of summer indoors.

2. I love bright colors. This reversible hobo bag is great for a little picnic in the park or a trip to the greenmarket.

3. I hate that my Droid is usually jostling around my purse with my keys and the kitchen sink. This phone cover would keep it safe... and super cute.

4. I love journals. (You can read all about that here...) I'm always jotting blog notes, to-do lists, and ideas. If you're like me, do yourself a favor and keep 'em all in one place. 'Cause post-its are lame.

5. It's a Vespa on a clutch. Could be European... or Williamsburgian, depending on how hard you're trying to be cool. (zoooom!)

6. This handpainted scarf is gorgeous! Wear it out to dinner with your white sun dress. 

7. I love standout jewelry! Why not get a head-start on your fall layering with this leather cuff?

8. Okay, so they're not entirely blue... but these are the coolest earrings I've ever seen! Want!

9. I spend the majority of my nights and weekends writing... which means my butt is almost always parked at my desk with a cup of tea. This typewriter mug is perfect! (My DJ and photographer friends can get one too!)

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