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I love whimsy and fun. I love bright colors, comfort food and celebrations. Sweetiepie embodies everything I love about... well, everything. This restaurant downtown is the closest I've come to Wonderland in New York City. I celebrated my birthday there last year and it was perfect; so when a friend asked for a magical birthday party venue, I didn't think twice about recommending it. After telling her all about it (the menu! the bar! the cute waiters!) I was craving another visit. I suggested we meet there after work today for a drink so she could check it out pre-party. I really do love it there! When I got home I flipped through the photos of my Sweetiepie birthday celebration... here are my faves:

how cute is this place?!

(probably) the only bar in NYC with bowls of gumballs, jars of pretzels, bottles of maple syrup, and giant lollipops (check out the mirrored ceiling!)

(definitely) the only restaurant in NYC with a table inside a birdcage (I MUST have this table next time... amazing)

the menu has kid-friendly basics that I'm totally down with... tots and grilled cheese! (the had grown-up stuff too, but where's the fun in that?)

their waitstaff is fantastic... from recommending specialty drinks to singing happy birthday (and the bowties, love it! so 50's soda-fountain... adorable.)

and what's a celebration without dessert? birthday cake, ice cream sundaes, and cookies with a side of hot fudge to dip 'em in... sooo good!

Sweetiepie is located downtown, and has some awesome specials going on-- including bottomless cocktails brunch for $20, and happy hour burgers/tots/beer for $15! The decor is worth a visit alone, and I promise you won't be disappointed with the food, cocktails, or service. Love!

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