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I LOVE tea. So when I heard about Sanctuary T, I had to check it out stat. They offer beer and wine, but they also make tea-infused cocktails that are amazing. I had a cava de cama: elderflower, chamomile tea, and cava (sparkling wine). A girlfriend I brought along with me drank jasmine caprioskas: house-infused jasmine vodka, lime and simple syrup. Was pretty tasty. I also had a glass of "sunshine": house-infused vanilla bean vodka (yum!), raspberry puree and simple syrup. This was my fave! Their specialty drinks are a bit pricey ($12-$14) but it would be a great place for a date or night out with the girls. I'm definitely going to check them out for brunch soon! A pot of tea and french toast... I'm so there. 

They also have an online shop for those of you not in the city (or anyone looking for the perfect gift). They've got a fab selection of loose teas (try red moon or geisha beauty), iced tea kits, snacks... even seasonings and bath salts. (I'm seeing a solution to my holiday shopping already...)

Sanctuary T is located downtown on Broadway near Federal Plaza. They're open 7 days a week for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Check 'em out!

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