do it: decorate with tape

I've been stalking home decor blogs lately. I have a vision for my bedroom that is so off-the-wall, and I'm slowly bringing it to reality. Lack of spare money and time are slowing me up, but I'm actually grateful for the slow process because it's giving me time to gather the inspiration I need to make my original ideas as good as they can be. One of the things I've come across again and again is decorative tape. People get so creative with this stuff!

I've been obsessing over vinyl photo frame decals. These are much more detailed with an intricate antique look and easier to make yourself!

washi tape photo frame from the happytape blog

As I've said many times, my bedroom is taking on a very playful/whimsical/magical Alice-in-Wonderland vibe... giant toys, playing cards, mirrors, flowers, butterflies... why not add a string of colorful bunting to my bed canopy? 

mini bunting tutorial from the red thread blog

I need some corked glass bottles with "drink me" labels (natch!):

Victorian mailing label tape from TapeSwell

And then once I'm (finally!) done with my apartment decorating, I can invite everyone over for a Mad Tea Party with these adorable invitations:

pennant invitations by Mer Mag made with striped washi paper from happytape

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