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I want to introduce you to Hugo: part piano-rocker part wise-guy (some of his interview answers had me laughing!) who I had the pleasure of stumbling into at the Kate Nash show a couple weeks ago. Hugo was outside of Kate's show giving away samplers of his music. I downloaded it the next day, and was immediately impressed. It's upbeat and very catchy- I've managed to get one of his songs stuck in my head every day since I put his tunes on my iPod. He's headlining the late show tonight at Mercury Lounge- definitely worth checking out! I caught up with him on Twitter and he was gracious enough to take the time for a little Q&A:

1. Favorite song to perform? Crow

2. Favorite item of clothing you own? Reebok Knit Polo

3. Sort your iTunes library by play count... what's the most played song? Dayton Ohio 1903 - Harry Nilsson - Nilsson Sings Newman

4. Favorite guilty pleasure? Bojangles? Waffle House? 

5. You get to go anywhere for a week, all expenses paid... where you headed? London. No, Japan. Wait, come back to me.

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Second Baseman for the Chicago Cubs.

7. Who or what inspires you most? The ones that don't believe

8. Biggest pet peeve? See above

9. Favorite tourist spot in NYC? Death and Co

10. Favorite breakfast food? ¿Panquecas?

11. Where did you grow up? NW 'Burbs of Chicago

12. What superpower would you most like to possess? The ability to outsass ANYONE...so... watch out.

13. Favorite 80's cartoon? OOF. Tough.. My roots are equal parts Thundercats, He-Man, and Care Bears. What's interesting here is I actually have Lionel, Cringer, and Tenderheart represented...oh my!

14. Have you ever been in love? Yes

15. Favorite NYC restaurant? Blue Ribbon Sushi

16. What do you see when you look out your window? Someone that owns a balcony. Thanks for dragging that back up.

17. Favorite sports team? The Cubs. Who can be more inspirational in all of sports?

18. You're at Starbucks- whatcha drinking? A bottle of metromint from the place across the street.

19. Favorite dessert? Ribbon Torte.

20. Someone has 1 day to experience NYC. What do you recommend they do? Wake up and go to Sarabeth's (have the four flowers juice). Then head to MoMa. For lunch go to H&H Bagels and grab a few then cross the street and go to Zabar's. Get the country ham or the smoked scottish lox and walk to Central Park for a picnic.  You can stop at Alice's Tea Cup (coincidence?) for high tea. Or chai tea. If you must, go see a show in the theater district. On your way south of the city stop at Joe's Pizza in the village for a slice and then head over to the lower east side. On your way from west to east grab a round of lights and darks at mcsorley's. Go see some music at Rockwood or the Living Room or National Underground. If it isn't too late yet make it to Rice to Riches in SoHo. Finish off the night at Flatiron Lounge. I'm going to go pass out now.

Come check out Hugo's show tonight at Murcury Lounge! Doors open at 9p, $10 at the door, 21+. I'll be there early to get a good spot. Come by and say hello, have a beer and listen to some great music! I'll post photos and a show recap late tonight or early tomorrow. See you there!

You can see/hear more at Hugo's website and his Facebook fanpage.

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