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I went home to Cape Cod this weekend for Mother's Day, and got a nice surprise. My grandmother on my dad's side found a photo of my great-grandmother when she was in her 20's- and we look very much alike! 

I had never seen photos of her when she was young, so it's a really great thing to have. I also have several old photos of my grandmother on my mum's side, and it's always so much fun for me to learn stories about their past. I've been piecing together my family tree for a long time now... my lineage on my dad's side is traced back to President John Quincy Adams, and my Nana on my mum's side came over to Ellis Island, NYC from England on the Mauretania- a White Star Line sister ship of the Titanic. Here she is when she was young: 

I LOVE old photos! Everyone just seemed so much more glamorous back then, didn't they? I also have had this photo of my Nana (pictured above) when she was a toddler, with my great-grandparents, who look ever so dapper in 1930's England:

Anyone else have any great old family photos? I'm always interested in new ways to research lineage and my family tree, so lemme know if you have any tips! Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there!

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