friday favorites: may 8

friday favorites

I'm posting this week's favorites a day late because my bus to Cape Cod didn't have wifi as I was hoping. We'll call this a special edition of FF- the "home edition" if you will. Got lots of plans with family and friends for the next two days! It's good to be home and decompress a bit.


sailing Cape Cod last summer

HEAR IT: Songs I've just pilfered from my mum's iTunes

1. Violet Hill by Coldplay 2. Sweet Potato by Sia 3. Numb by Sia 4. Borrowed Time by A Fine Frenzy 5. Between Sheets by Imogen Heap

WATCH IT: Movies I've watched recently that you should too
1. Up In The Air 2. Phoebe in Wonderland 3. The Time Traveler's Wife 4. Paris, Je T'aime 5. The September Issue

 photo via Flickr

DO IT: Things to do this weekend in NYC
Climb around the new Met exhibit: Big Bambu. The exhibit, on the rooftop of the Met, is a wave-like sculpture built from bamboo that visitors are invited to walk over. Wear your sneakers, as the walking surface is uneven. Don't look down: the path is up to 40 ft from the rooftop in some parts- that's 100 ft above Central Park. Go on a sunny day and bring your camera!

Check out Future Development - a graffiti art exhibit downtown. The exhibit features work from the "founding fathers" of the art form who started in the 70's, up through present artists. The exhibit runs until the 13th- I'm going to try to get down there next week. Street art is a big inspiration for my L2R line, so it's something I'm very interested in.

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