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Once in a while you go to a show where the energy of the people performing radiates through the audience. Last night was absolutely one of those shows! Hugo had the crowd dancing, screaming, clapping, and singing along. It helps that Mercury Lounge is an intimate venue, with a lower stage and a cozy vibe, as opposed to the cavernous feel of Bowery or Terminal 5. I scooted towards the front after Burn Down the Mission finished their set, and I'd say Hugo definitely has his fair share of groupies! Excitement over popular songs and shouts of approval ran through the crowd. 

It's easy to enjoy a show and appreciate someone's music when you can tell they're passionate about their craft. I have a hard time drawing a comparison to another band- and that's a good thing! His music is just fun- the kind of tunes that make you tap your foot and want to sing along. He was backed up by drums and bass, with horns on a few songs. I'm still pretty new to his music, but what I've heard so far is great! What You Want and Choke are favorites of mine, and I seem to have had Dear Walker stuck in my head almost every day since I made a Hugo playlist on my iPod.

Last week I asked Hugo where I could get a ticket to his show. He said there weren't tickets, just $10 cover at the door- but that he'd draw me a ticket to have. It should be known that everyone makes fun of me because to this day I still have hard tickets mailed to my house, rather than just printing e-tickets. I like having real tickets for my scrapbook! So imagine how happy I was when Hugo pulled this out of his back pocket for me last night:

Ha! Absolutely fantastic! Made my night complete. Definitely check out Hugo's music on iTunes, and I'll keep you posted on any upcoming shows!

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