love it: play me, i'm yours

love it

Starting today, there will be 60 pianos in public spaces across the 5 boroughs. I'm super jealous that I have no musical talent! I'd love to stop at a random piano and bust out a tune for the wandering passersby.  The project, "Play Me, I'm Yours", encourages the public to upload their photos, videos, and stories about the pianos on their website. The project runs for two weeks, through July 5, at which point the pianos will be donated to local schools and community centers. I actually saw two of the pianos this weekend, in Battery Park and Chelsea Market. You can see a map and full list of the locations here. Play Me, I'm Yours is being sponsored by Sing for Hope, and is taking place simultaneously in NYC and London. Know someone who's planning an impromptu show? Are you gonna get out there and play? Send me your photos and videos and I'll post them here!

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