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I went to both of Julian's Rockwood shows, Friday and last night. Friday night I went solo and was able to score a close seat at the front (it was actually embarrassingly close once they centered the piano on the stage... so I only took a few pics on the sly sans flash). He sang all of his hits, including Joni, Do It Alone, Love Again for the First Time, and Jimmy Dean & Steve McQueen. His shows are high energy, with sarcastic commentary spewed out between songs. Both shows were great, as I knew they would be, but Friday's crowd was a little more cooperative. Saturday I had family with me, and we sat in the balcony. People were talking so loudly that Julian stopped mid-song to ask if people were listening. After that people were generally quiet, although I did have to ask the girl behind me to kindly *stfu* when Julian started singing A Dream, which is my fave song of his. He also played two songs I really like that I can't find anywhere to download: Take the Money and Run and a song about Saturday Night... Julian?

These shows kicked off his east coast tour- you can check out where he's headed here. Absolutely see him live if you get a chance! You can also download his music on iTunes, become a facebook fan, follow his twitter... you get the picture.

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