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I've been living in my apartment for almost five months now, and I'm still trying to get my act together. An issue I've been grappling with are my empty walls. I have high ceilings and huge expanses of plain white walls-- my hallway alone is over 20 feet long and 10 feet high. I have several pieces of artwork and framed photographs from my last apartment that at least make the place look lived in, but I'm dying for something that'll give my apartment some personality and pops of color. I've been seeing vinyl wall decals everywhere, I especially love these from Etsy:

set of 6 vinyl vintage photo frames from SimpleShapes $38.99

vinyl branch and bird with frames by willowcreeksigns $59.95

vinyl wall decals by artwallproject

plum flowers by walldecors $35.75

vinyl New York City skyline by WallStarGraphics $60

I have a friend who owns a vinyl cutting machine and loads of vinyl in great colors. I sent him a few ideas for my apartment, and he agreed to make me some decals! I'm pretty amped-- I definitely want some mod looking frames for my living room, and some Alice in Wonderland inspired designs for my bedroom. I'll share some photos when I get them and put 'em up!

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