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It's officially summer-- and the temps have been reaching 90 degrees in NYC as a testament. I grew up on Cape Cod, and if there's one thing I miss about summers on the Cape it's homemade ice cream. There are lots of homemade ice cream joints on the Cape, where the ice cream is extra rich, frappes are on the menu, and you can get New England flavors like lobster and maple. Sure, ice cream is everywhere in NYC too, but mostly by way of Mr. Frosty trucks or chain stores like Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone. I had accepted that my summer ice cream kicks would have to be got on weekend visits to the Cape... until now: enter Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory!

Situated on the Fulton Ferry Pier in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, BICF is so worth the trip (and any line you may encounter). While their menu is pretty modest (nothing quite tops lobster ice cream in terms of exotic flavors) the traditional flavors they make are delicious! Made with fresh, all natural ingredients, BICF makes their ice cream in small batches at their two Brooklyn locations. I'm very partial to their coffee ice cream, and I'd highly recommend trying their homemade walnut maple syrup or hot fudge! It's gonna be another hot and muggy weekend-- hit up BICF at sunset and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Bring your camera!

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