love it: alice in wonderland t-shirt

love it

Everyone is swooning around Bryant Park and various nightspots in celebration and preparation for New York Fashion Week. The tents are up, the invites are out, and everyone's flocking to the city to see what's the latest on the runways. I, on the other hand, am a jeans and t-shirt girl to the bone (helloooo Johnny Cupcakes!). Don't get me wrong, I absolutely have a fondness and appreciation for designers and fashion, I'm just a very low-maintenance chick. That said, I've been dressing especially casual lately, given the wintry weather and feeling a bit down. So imagine my surprise (I was ecstatic, really) when I came home after work and had an Alice in Wonderland t-shirt in my mailbox?! My Aunt Jane recently saw my new blog and sent this to me! (Complete with rabbits, no less!) Aww, SO nice!! It's absolutely adorable, and you can pick up your own at Wet Seal if you wanna.

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