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My bathroom was hurtin' when I moved in last week. The shower curtain rod looked like it was used to joust with 10 years ago then hung back up, all busted and rusty. The walls weren't painted between the last tenant moving out and me moving in, and the ceiling was yellowed and had mold spots... not good. We recently painted our offices at work, so lucky for me there was a bit of white paint left over that I used to paint the ceiling. Then I headed to Home Depot. My bathroom has tiles that go up most of the wall, so that saved me on having to buy a lot of paint for the walls. I picked a tropical green color from the color samples, and got a quart with a semi-gloss finish. I bought a kit for $9.95 that included a paint tray, rollers, a paint can opener, and a 2-inch brush and picked up a sandpaper block for a few bucks. I also bought a pair of yellow rubber gloves to scrub the bejeezes out of the tub, toilet and tiles. Finally, I got a new shower curtain rod, since the last one obviously gave me the willies. Grand total: $43.68. Time to get to work!

I started with the ceiling, cutting in around the edge with the brush then rolling the middle. I let it dry overnight, then taped the perimeter and around the window with painter's tape to paint the walls. The green I chose was pretty intense... I feel like I always realize paint is going to be darker than you think  once it's on your walls. It's probably a good rule to always go one shade lighter on your color chip than the shade you're choosing... that's been my experience anyway. I painted the green in 2 coats, while standing on a swivel stool (not a good idea) talking to my mum on the phone the entire time (really not a good idea). But it came out pretty good, if I do say so myself. And looks MUCH better than it did a week ago, thank goodness.

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