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Allie and I went out Saturday night to celebrate my being in NYC for 2 years. Last year for my one-year we hit up Lilly Coogan's to check in on a boy I had a crush on, and then went out dancing to old school hip-hop til 4a, drinking on the DJ's tab (cause that's how we roll). Anyway, this year we opted for a more sophisticated route. We met at Caffe Falai for dinner and promptly toasted with Bellinis. We always have the best, silliest conversations (as evidenced by Saturday night's tweets). We also analyzed, critiqued and fawned over their decor, as mentioned in my last post.

Allie got an avocado salad and I had a bowl of minestrone soup to start. For my entree I had Ravioli Di Spinaci-- very delicate spinach raviolis with ricotta cheese on a bed of fresh diced tomatoes with burrata cream poured over the top. Was so good! Allie had a pasta infused with cocoa with a brown butter sauce and shrimp (I don't do seafood, but she said it was good). I totally wish I had room for a pot of black tea and a piece of flourless chocolate cake, but that was a no-go. (Especially not when we had a night of dancing planned!) We followed up dinner with drinks and dancing at Katra, where they were playing good music and had really great decor and atmosphere. YAY for living in NYC for two years. I freakin' love this place.

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