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Allie and I had dinner at Caffe Falai on Saturday night (post coming soon) and were admiring their decor: white walls, at least a dozen white-framed mirrors in all shapes and sizes, lucite chairs, white table cloths, crystal chandeliers and lots of candlelight. We talked about decorating a bedroom that way, and the mirrors made me feel like it would be a very Alice-in-Wonderland kind of place. (At the moment, my bedroom in my new apartment is storage for boxes that still need to be unpacked. I've been unpacking very slowly, thinking much more than I normally would about where everything is going to go and making sure everything is just right.) I love Allie's idea of translating Falai's decor into a bedroom theme so I browsed IKEA today to see if I could copy-cat the look on a budget. Here's what I found:

Leirvik bedframe - $100; ludde sheepskin rug - $40; kristaller chandelier - $40; various mirrors - $10-$30. 

I'm really starting to love the idea! Add a white vanity with another mirror, some white vases with daisies that will add a pop of color, white pillar candles in different sizes... would definitely be quite a retreat at the end of a long day. I think I could even position some of the mirrors so that I can see the Manhattan skyline out my window from my bed on the opposite wall! I better start saving up for the impending IKEA shopping spree.

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