make it: strawberry tuxedos

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This is one of my favorite recipes! So easy to make, and you get great little desserts. There are a few options on the chocolate. I prefer to use Baker's brand dipping chocolate because it comes in little tubs that you can pop in the microwave. You can always melt chocolate over a double-boiler, but I don't have one and would rather not deal with the mess. I couldn't find Baker's, so I used Nestle Tollhouse chips and added a little vegetable oil to make it smoother and thinner. 


White chocolate is my favorite. So I wasn't disappointed when a couple of the stems fell off while dipping the white, making it difficult to dip again in the semi-sweet. I solved that problem and ate them. 

Dipping the semi-sweet chocolate is a bit more difficult, since you want to dip at an angle and leave some white showing. I was using a pretty small bowl, making it a little harder to get them dipped all the way. Once they're all double-dipped and lined up on your foil, put the rest of the melted chocolate into a ziplock and trim off a little bit of the corner, making a one-time-use pastry tube. I make my bowties by making little figure-eight shapes then filling 'em in with 2 dots of chocolate, but do whatever is easiest for ya. They look most impressive when they're done, and they're super delicious! Just be sure to refrigerate them, and eat 'em up within a few days or the strawberries go soft. No one wants a leaky tuxedo. 

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