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I was first introduced to Civil Twilight's music this past November at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom where they opened for label mates Evanescence. I had never heard of them prior, and was absolutely blown away. Live music takes such a hold of me... Ray thinks it's weird that I can always remember which songs bands play at shows, how they were moving on stage during that song, the lighting... it just gets embedded in me somehow. The dark ballroom fell silent while they starting playing the long, haunting intro of Perfect Stranger... and the lights would blaze on during the parts where the song goes from quiet to bursts of volume ("MY PERFECT stranger... don't sail away..."). It was such an amazing show! Other favorite songs of mine are Letters from the Sky and Human. Their entire album (which I downloaded from iTunes the next day) is awesome! I rocked it on my iPod for a good three weeks straight before finally letting other artists back onto my playlists, and created a Pandora station based on them.

I've been waiting (ever so impatiently) for them to do another show in NYC, and was super excited to see that they're playing this Monday at the Bowery Ballroom with Company of Thieves. I got my tickets ages ago, but you can still get them at Ticketmaster ($13 is a steal for what will be an amazing show!).

P.S. Rich takes some pretty great iPhone photos from the road and posts them here: lettersfromthesky.com.

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