do it: cut work early and go to dave & buster's

do it

Long work-week this week, so my co-workers and I high-tailed it out of the office a couple hours early and crashed Dave & Buster's in Times Square. Two hours of drinking and game-playing definitely lifted everyone's mood. We had a 2 on 2 air hockey tournament, played skee-ball, tried to win giant stuffed animals with the biggest claw machine I've ever seen, raced cars, shot up stuff, and collected an obscene amount of tickets. Brian insisted we do kamikaze shots, Allie was addicted to a game she kept hitting 300 ticket jackpots on, and I had tickets wrapped around my arms and neck like bracelets and a boa. Lisa won so many tickets on a game that she kept walking away from the machine while it spit out the long string of tickets. It was so long she walked across the aisle and up onto the ramp of the skee-ball game, with the tickets still connected to the game! ha! At 5:30 we left with bags of D&B loot, candy and stuffed animals we traded in our tickets for. Such a ridiculously silly fun time.

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