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You must have known this post was coming, no? I apologize for the AiW overload, but I'm pretty pumped up that the rest of the world is catching up with my long-standing obsession with all things Alice. Being as big of an Alice fan as I am, I was expecting something epic from this movie, which is was not, but it was still very good. Johnny Depp is amazing... he's one of those actors that breathes his character. His portrayal of the Mad Hatter is great. The March Hare is hilarious (his lines are perfection), and Helena Bonham Carter is fantastic as the Red Queen. Everything is so over the top, but of course it's Wonderland... I think it can be expected. It's definitely worth seeing; perhaps after the opening weekend rush dies down.

This afternoon I went into the city to do some shopping (traded in a size 8 pair of jeans at the GAP and got 30% of a pair of size 6 long and lean's... woohoo!). I got off at the 59th St/Lexington Ave. subway stop and walked right past the AiW-themed Bloomingdale's windows. SO much fun! One window had a couple Sue Wong dresses, and the other window had a banquet table set up for a mad tea party with fantasy cakes by Ron Ben-Israel and great dishware, including AiW tea sets (love!). 

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