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I recently won a messenger bag from seabreezestudio that I'm totally in love with! It's got a London map print on the flap and tons of pockets. (I heart pockets!) I got it in the mail yesterday at my office, promptly stopped what I was doing and moved everything from the purse I carried to work into this new bag (making sure I found something to put into every single pocket, ha!). I absolutely love when bags have a zipper pocket on the outside that I can stash my metro card in- sometimes I hear that train pulling in to the station and gotta make a run for it! Can't be rummaging for my wallet or taking my bag off my shoulder to sift through all of the ridiculous things i find necessary to tote around with me at all times. This is absolutely my new fave accessory, and so well made. Seabreezestudio is run by Yukiko Kamioka who creates all of these fabulous bags in her studio in the UK (soon to be Japan!). You can find her creations on etsy and become a fan on facebook. Even Lily couldn't get over it:

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