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hear it

What I could see with my own eyes at this show wasn't much better than what my camera captured. When I describe Beach House to people who aren't familiar with their music, I always use the word "dreamy"-- and the show lived up to that description. With a live drummer in tow, Victoria and Alex hit the stage at Webster Hall under dim lighting and fog. Stars and strobe lights pulsing behind them made to further disorient us all, while Victoria belted out Gila, Apple Orchard, Zebra and Take Care.

Their music has a very hypnotic quality about it, full of reverb, delicate melodies and lilting lyrics. One of the things I love about them is that I'm hardpressed to find a band to compare them to-- their sound and style is very unique. If you're not familiar with their music, check them out! Here's another fave of mine, Heart of Chambers:

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