hear it: plain white t's & parachute

hear it

I saw Plain White T's with Parachute at Highline Ballroom-- such a fun show! They played most of their new album, Wonders of the Younger, including Rhythm of Love,  Our Song, Boomerang, Welcome to Mystery (from the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack), and Irrational Anthem. They also played some older faves-- Hate (I Really Don't Like You), Revenge, Radios in Heaven, and of course-- Hey There Delilah. For Delilah, lead singer Tom Higgenson (who was celebrating his birthday) moved to the back of the room and singing the song solo with his acoustic guitar. 

The entire show was super high energy, and the audience sang along to every song. There was a lot of story-telling in between songs, including guitarist Tim Lopez explaining that he wrote Rhythm of Love (which he sings the lead on) about breaking up with a girl before going on tour with the band, and then regretting it afterwards. Tim also wrote Sunlight, about Whitney Hardin-- the girl he met and fell in love with at 16 and later married, and then divorced.

Not to be overlooked (even though I didn't snap any pics of them, wahh) Parachute was amazing. I wasn't super familiar with them beforehand, only having heard She Is Love and In Control. (Can I pause to note how cute lead singer Will Anderson? Holy blue eyes!) The songs they played off their new album were awesome! Can't wait to hear it in its entirety when it's released April 12.

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