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I never realized what a necessary outlet sewing was for me until my sewing machine broke. I had been without my machine for months, without the funds to get it repaired, and my mum ordered me a brand new one and had it shipped to my office! Thanks mum!!

One of my favorite etsy sellers, Aki of Oktak, is packing up her NYC apartment to move, and was giving away fabric last week to lighten her load. I jumped at the offer, and she very generously packed a huge bag stuffed with tons of great fabrics that I picked up at her building.

After a busy week of concerts and engagements, I finally set up my new machine and gave it a test drive. I've had a pattern for a really cute cat bed from One Yard Wonders that I've been wanting to make. It's shaped like a box, and my kitty Lily loves boxes...

The pattern was super easy to follow, and after an hour of sewing and stuffing, my kitties had a new bed. The moment I put it on the floor, they checked it out...

Lily wasted no time getting cozy...

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