friday favorites: march 26

friday favorites

Chrysler Reflection by Frank Larson, part of his collection of photographs of 1950s NYC

SEE IT: art and photography I fell for this week
Take a trip back in time to 1950s New York. Frank Larson's photography has been lovingly scanned and put into a web gallery by his grandson, Soren Larson. The photos were rediscovered by family members after having been packed away in storage for years. I love looking for the details in the photos: the fashion, the signage, trying to recognize streets and buildings. 

This spring gallery on Pictory showcases 23 photo stories of spring. The link opens to my favorite photo; the photographer happened upon a beautiful scene and managed to capture a very special moment for the couple in the photo.

Vitamin E: Eric Einwiller takes a photo every day on his iPhone and posts it to his blog.

HEAR IT: songs I downloaded this week
1. Say You Will by Kanye West 2. Loosen Your Hold by South 3. Hate by Jay-Z 4. Honey by the Hush Sound 5. I Want You Back by the Kooks

READ IT: new yorky reads from around the web
One of my favorite discoveries on Twitter has been @nycscout. "Scout" uncovers hidden gems around the city and blogs about them. One of my favorite features this week was about the owls in Herald Square. Have you ever noticed their eyes flash green?! I saw it for the first time when I was looking at the Christmas windows at Macy's last year. It's cool to hear the history behind all of Scout's discoveries and learning new things about the city.

Last weekend was gorgeous! (Boo for the return of the cold this weekend...) The taste of spring was enough to relish this article by Time Out New York: 101 things to do in New York City in the spring. The article has tons of links to the best places to eat outside and drink on rooftops, tells where to find the best outdoor markets and craft fairs, and lists scores of only-in-nyc springtime activities. Ready, go!

EAT IT: culinary indulgence of the week
I don't get to eat out super often, but my friend Katie came to visit me this past weekend so I spoiled myself a bit with some great shopping and eats around the city. Sunday night we went down to Little Italy and had dinner at La Mela. Katie remembers this place the way it was 10 years ago, which was apparently a very rowdy and raucous version of the place it is today- a family-style joint cooking up heaping portions of pasta. I got fettucini alfredo, which gave me enough leftovers for a big lunch the next day. The prices are steep for what it is, but the food was good. From La Mela we walked around the corner to Ferrara Cafe, where the line went out the door for delicious pastries, gelato and coffee to go. I was pretty full from dinner, but I got a palmiere (I've always known them as elephant ears), which I haven't had in ages! This will be a new fave place to bring my parents when they visit, for sure. 

DO IT: add these to your to-do list for next week
Here's another tip I got on Twitter after it was retweeted by @Etsy. Satori Lewis is 10 years old and has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She's going in for surgery on March 31st to have a full spinal fusion done. She's going to be in the hospital for a bit, and her mum, Melissa of Haut Totes, is asking for everyone's help. Satori already has the best doctors and a loving family to care for her, but she could use a little amusement during her hospital stay. Melissa is asking people to send Satori postcards. Write her a cheerful note and address it to:

Satori Lewis
Surgery date 3-31-10
Davis 7 Pediatrics
UC Davis Children's Hospital
2315 Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95817 USA
**Be sure to include the surgery date** 


If you missed Johnny Cupcakes' NYU lecture Monday, be sure to get down to his SoHo pop-up shop Friday night. Johnny's making his NYC stop on his Suitcase Tour Friday, April 2 at 25 Howard Street. If you're familiar with JC like I am, you'll be in line much earlier than the 8p start. He's known to draw quite a crowd, especially when there are limited edition t-shirts on the line! If you and Johnny haven't been introduced, check out The Maestro Knows as he kicks it in Johnny's Boston and LA stores and gets a tour of Mr. Cupcakes' kick-ass house.

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