love it: merit badges by lee meszaros

love it

My favorite badges L to R, top to bottom: for leaving the nest, for being a happy camper, for surviving first love, for being a smitten kitten, for being just my type, for being a black sheep, for being a dirt bag, for having a bun in the oven. (I've got someone in mind for every single one of these, ha!)

Everyone deserves a little recognition sometimes. With these fantastic little merit badges made by Lee Meszaros, you can reward your friends for everything from rocking the boat to flipping the bird.  Each merit badge is $24 and comes with a certificate of recognition. Your girlfriend absolutely needs a badge to commemorate Saturday night's bender, your roommate could use a reminder that the wall you put up to split your one bedroom into two is very thin, and your co-worker's housewarming party deserves more than a bottle of wine. Not sure the dirt bag in your life will appreciate your pointing out his dirt bagginess, but it'd be worth $24 to see the expression on his sorry mug. Just sayin'. 

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