do it: trip to the hell's kitchen flea market

do it

Today I went to the hell's kitchen flea market, over on 39th Street in Manhattan between 9th and 10th Aves. I was hoping to find some cheap gold frames or mirrors and have been dying to find an old brass birdcage for decorative purposes. There were some mirrors, but all were over $100... sadness. It was drizzling and cold when I got there, so a lot of merch was covered up, including most of the vintage clothes and jewelry. I haven't been to this flea since last summer, but it's always fun sifting through the oddities in the booths. I always feel like I'm exploring my nana's basement when I hit up this flea market... so many fantastic things that you don't need but would love to buy... just to have. Vintage tea sets, clocks, furs, old suitcases, boxes of skeleton keys (I'm always tempted to buy a handful of these but wouldn't know what to do with them... I just think they're super cool). But then you find the really interesting stuff: an allegedly Venetian mirror fit for the Queen of Hearts, a human skull (origins unknown), a pair of handcuffs. I ended up leaving 65 scooters behind for an eiffel tower and a silver ring. My cat, Lily, has a habit of fully inspecting absolutely anything new that enters our apartment... the tower was no exception.

The hell's kitchen flea is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9a-6p.

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