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I'm constantly browsing Etsy for new treasures, bookmarking stores and items as favorites. Between looking for accessories and decor for my Alice in Wonderland bedroom and searching for baby gifts for a friend of mine, I've acquired quite a collection of rabbits in my Etsy favorites. With Easter right around the corner, now is probably the only time most people are in the market for bunnies. So here are a few of my favorites (pictured left to right, top to bottom):

1. White rabbit on black t-shirt dress - $28 - by NYHop. I want need this dress. No explanation needed. 
2. Sterling silver bunny necklace - $40 - by meltemsem. This is cute without being over-the-top sugary sweet. I would wear this to work in an executive office without feeling silly.
3. White rabbit nursery mobile - $60 - by lilliputloft. I've been giving a lot of thought to an Alice in Wonderland nursery theme, and this would be such a perfect focal point- for you and baby.
4. Boo boo bunny - $8 - by bunniesforbabies. We had one of these! For those of you who were deprived, they're terrycloth bunnies whose bodies are little pouches that hold an ice cube that little ones can put on their boo-boos... don't be jealous. Just get yourself one, I won't tell.
5. Set of 2 acrylic plexi bunny silhouettes - $16 - by Iwannabe. These can be hung as ornaments with some ribbon. I'm thinking of mounting them right to the bedroom wall with double-sided adhesive. 
6. Bunny surprise tea cup - $28 - by alinahayes. I'm pretty smitten with this tea cup. I'm sure I would switch to drinking tea only from this cup, and after a few days of owning it the rabbit would definitely have a name. Suggestions? 
7. White rabbit pillow cover - $22 - by Nuka. This would be a great addition to my subtly Alice bedroom decor I'm cooking up... I'm envisioning mostly white furniture and bedding, with lavender and yellow accents. A couple of these pillows will spruce up a bench I'm refinishing for the end of the bed.
8. Messenger print - $20 - by naokosstoop. This print is one of a collection of paintings of this girl and her rabbit. Absolutely adorable!
9. Knitted plush rabbit - $42 - by VeryCarey. What a darling addition to an Easter basket! Her scarf is fabulous. She'll surely be a cuddly friend for any little one on your shopping list.

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