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Tonight I went to see my first opera! It was so fantastic! Every Monday at 10am during the season, the New York City Opera sells rush tickets for that week's performances for $25. I've been dying to get to the opera since I moved here, so I was psyched to score a cheap ticket to L'Etoile. I rushed home after work and got dolled up in what I imagined was opera garb: black dress, fancy schmancy tights, pearls, and my (faux) fur coat. An impromptu photo shoot (thanks to Ray!) and I sprinting out the door at 7:15p for the 8p show. 

I snagged my ticket at will-call with 3 minutes to spare, and had enough time to cozy into my seat before the lights went down. I was expecting to have a seat in the fourth ring since I only paid $25, but I was six rows from the stage, to the left of the orchestra. Score! I had to look up a bit to read the supertitles, but my view was great. I wasn't sure what to expect from the opera- I was hoping I would be able to follow along and get into the show. I don't think I could have possibly picked a better show for my first! The set is a veritable wonderland for the eyes- curving mirrors, strobe lights, swaying tinsel curtains, twisted columns, a giant inflatable yellow throne. The costumes were very colorful and borderline steampunk- with goggles, coattails, spats, bright colors and patterns, umbrellas as props, and can-can dancers abound. The musical numbers were very upbeat and fun, with exaggerated facial expressions and silly dances. Julie Boulianne, the actress who plays Lazuli, was fantastic. The king, Jean-Paul Fouchecourt, did an amazing job as well.

The David H. Koch Theater in Lincoln Center is absolutely gorgeous. I snapped these two photos with my cell phone during intermission. The opera season is quickly coming to a close on April 18, but tickets may still be available. I would highly recommend L'Etoile, however it only runs until Saturday. Partenope will be performed April 3-17, and Madama Butterfly is currently playing and will run until the 18th. I had such a fabulous time, and am looking forward to seeing another opera soon! I should take myself out on dates more often.

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