friday favorites: april 30

friday favorites

WATCH IT: videos I peeped this week (that you should too) T-shirt War- a stop motion video by Rhett and Link. This is so fun! Love it. A live cover of MGMT's Kids by 7 ukeleles, an accordion and a cajon. This is absolutely fantastic. Must see.
HEAR IT: songs I downloaded this week 1. The New Year by Death Cab for Cutie 2. Paris by Kate Nash 3. Kiss That Grrrl by Kate Nash 4. You Were So Far Away by Kate Nash 5. Do-Wah-Doo by Kate Nash

FOLLOW IT: blogs I discovered this week  Passive Agressive Notes is a pretty silly site that collects just that- notes left for people that suggest they change their behavior, or else. Geek Sugar is a perfect blend of geekery and fun... the kinda stuff I like! Tons of cool stuff and gadgets you always wanted or never knew you needed.   DO IT: add these to your to-do list Why not get a drink from the outdoor bar at the Bryant Park Grill? We stopped by yesterday after MOMA and got a couple Sam Adam's Summer Ales on draft... was most refreshing. Also, there are Tribeca Film Festival rush tickets available! Catch a flick with some girlfriends or your fave boy.

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