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I went to see Kate Nash at the Bowery Ballroom on Thursday night- love her! She's one of a slew of artists who I discovered on Pandora. She has a lot of silly fun lyrics, and her music is very catchy. I wasn't very familiar with her newest album release "My Best Friend is You", but I really love her 2007 album, "Made of Bricks". She opened with a track off her new album, Paris. It was upbeat and fit in well with the style of hers that I'm familiar with. I also liked Kiss That Grrrl and Do-Wah-Doo, which she recently shot a video for. Some of her other new songs, like I've Got a Secret and Mansion Song were a bit heavier than the fluffier pop songs I associate with her. She's definitely one of those songwriters who throw themselves emotionally into their performances- when she sang You Were So Far Away she seemed on the verge of tears. Her band cleared the stage, she asked that the lights be turned down on stage and told the audience to be quiet, and almost whispered the song as she played her guitar. (Kate recently hurt her ankle while on tour, and she did an impressive job of hopping on one foot between her keyboard and her guitar.)

My absolute favorite song of hers is Nicest Thing. Lots of sentimental attachment to that one for me- it's a really beautiful song. (It's probably a good thing she didn't perform that song Thursday, because I know I would have cried.) If you want a lil taste of Kate, here are my fave tracks of hers, old and new:
1. Nicest Thing 2. Foundations 3. Mouthwash 4. We Get On 5. D******d 6. Merry Happy 7. Pumpkin Soup 8. Kiss That Grrrl 9. You Were So Far Away 10. Do-Wah-Doo

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