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Let me start out this post by saying I'm so thankful I have foodie friends. I am so not adventurous when it comes to food, and sometimes I can be downright picky. I have several friends though (they know exactly who they are) who drag me into restaurants without paying any attention whatsoever to my whining over a menu. I must say, 9 times out of 10, I absolutely LOVE my meal- so it's nice to have people who push me to try new things. Thanks, guys!

Javier and I went to MOMA today, and his friend works at The Modern- the restaurant inside the museum. She had recommended that Jav try it, so he suggested we go there for my birthday lunch. I always look at menus online before I go somewhere, because of my aforementioned skepticism over menus. I'm going to admit- I was a bit scared. There was a short wait, so we got a glass of champagne to toast my turning 27 (which really better be a fabulous year!). The restaurant is very nice- we ate in the bar room, which has a lounge vibe. The menu is divided into 3 pages- the first 2 are appetizer-sized plates, and items on page 3 are half-entrées. I got the saffron tagliatelle pasta with mushrooms, baby zucchini, and cider-braised rabbit (o_O). It was delicious!

I also had the beef tenderloin with wilted spinach and garlic flan... sooo good! Jav had a poached egg (in a jar) with lobster and asparagus, and braised pork belly with sweet pea puree. 

It was seriously the best meal I've ever had in NYC. Wow. We managed to split a dessert- a chestnut sundae that had Irish cream and chocolate hazelnut ice creams with a butterscotch type sauce, yum! A cup of tea and I was most satisfied. Absolutely check this place out- it's great. A super-huge thank you to Jav for taking me out! I would never be able to go somewhere like this otherwise, so it was a fabulous treat!

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