friday favorites: april 16

friday favorites

An abbreviated list of favorites this week...  photo by Ronald Koster, part of the B&W collection below; see his flickr page here

SEE IT: photography I fell for this week I found a great collection of black and white photographs of all subject matter... the snails above is a great catch. A small girl taking a photo on a pier is another favorite. Collections like this one make me want to dust off my old 35mm and take photographs of things that inspire me.   Richard Sandler's collection of 1980's NYC is eye-opening. New York was a different world altogether in the 80's, and Sandler does a great job of capturing the grit and edge that defined that era in the city. Charles Maze has taken tons of great photos of Paris and New York. The colors and composition of all of his photos is beautiful. He also takes most of the photos on Check Your Paris- a lovely blog showcasing boutique hotels in Paris and things to do while you're there. (I've also been given a most exciting opportunity to guest blog for them while I'm in Paris!)
HEAR IT: songs I downloaded this week
1. Smoke Without Fire by Duffy 2. Stolen by Civil Twilight 3. The War by Brown Shoe 4. Cleaning Apartment by Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet 5. For Marcia by Amplifier 6. No Time for Fears by Republic of Letters 7. Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet 8. Do No Wrong by Thirteen Senses 9. Cowboys, Engines by the Boxer Rebellion 10. Aquiline by Riddle of Steel

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