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My alarm went off 90 minutes earlier than usual today, but for good reason. The Zac Posen for Target pop-up kicked off at 11pm last night for a 24 hour run... or until they run out of pieces. I knew it would be madness last night, so I went to bed early and crossed my fingers that they'd still have some good stuff first thing in the morning. I got there at 7am, and was not disappointed.



*These photos are from my stoneaged phone, and the lighting was dark in the shop area and blazing in the dressing room. I'll update this post tonight with better photos I took with my actual camera.*

The brocade dress that everyone was fired up about didn't really grab me... which was cool, cause there were only sizes 3 and 5 left. I snatched up the tuxedo jacket, a pink skirt, the black sweater dress, and the black party dress with removeable ruffle layer (so chic!). I brought them all up to the dressing room in an effort to narrow down my choices, and managed to fall in love with every piece. The party dress is absolute perfection- fit like a glove. The detachable ruffles make it a super fun and versatile dress. The skirt is bubblegum pink- very flirty. The tuxedo jacket is beautiful- again, fit supremely well. The sweater dress is very clingy, but it's pretty lightweight. Overall I'm really impressed with the quality- nothing felt cheap, and the attention to detail is evident in all the pieces I bought. The skirt, jacket, and sweater dress were all $49.99, and the party dress was $79.99. Really great prices considering Zac Posen's pieces usually go for thousands. 

The sale is on 8th Avenue at 34th Street- you can't miss it. There's a big entrance set up with "ZAC" emblazoned on vinyl siding, and two burly doormen in tuxes who warned me: "Hope you brought your credit card." Indeed.

Update on 2010-04-16 22:27 by Alice

Here are the better quality photos that I took with my camera... didn't have the means to upload them at work! (And the party dress with the ruffles attached! woo!)

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