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Wouldn't it be silly fun to have a mini-me? Well for about $20 you can make your own this weekend. Yoodoo designer, Sarah Lu, will help you create a little Yoodoo doll in your (or your boyfriend's or cat's) likeness. Sarah will be on hand from 2-4p on Saturday at the International Center of Photography Museum. (They also have a Paris photo exhibit going on. Woo!) Once your Youdoo has a cute little mug ironed on, you get to be crafty and sew, paint, and draw to your heart's content. (Make a fun dress for yours, don't forget your boyfriend's tattoos.) It's too quirky to not go check it out... can't decide if mine will be sporting an L2R tee or Johnny Cupcakes. Might have to do a sick collabo and incorporate 'em both. Send me photos of yours if you go!

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