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Last night I went out with my new sweetie for restaurant week. We went to Riverpark, Tom Colicchio's place tucked into a very desolate little corner of Manhattan. The street can't be found on Google maps, but if you follow E 29th St to the East River, you'll find it when you can't walk any further. The restaurant is situated in the lobby level of a medical building, so an enormous and empty office-esque reception area must be crossed to get to the restaurant. The restaurant itself though is very pretty-- leather banquettes and surrounding glass make the place sparkle at night. We were early for our reservation, so we got a drink at the bar first. Their menu of house cocktails was tempting, but I went with a glass of prosecco. Before we finished our drinks, we were seated at our table. I, as previously mentioned, am not as adventurous with food as I'd like to be. My first course, therefore, was a salad-- I don't eat seafood, and taking a bite of the pork belly was quite enough for me. For my main course I ordered the pork chop with a brussel sprout apple hash, which was fantastic. For dessert I got cinnamon panna cotta. It came with rosemary ice cream, which was very unusual tasting-- not bad, but definitely not like anything I'd ever tasted before. Add a couple glasses of wine and we had a really fabulous evening! I never get to dress up and go out to nice places (damn economy...) so this was a huge treat. Restaurant week has been extended through the end of February, so make your reservations!

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