do it: celebrate 3 years in NYC at the ESB

do it

I went home this weekend to visit my mum who recently had knee-replacement surgery. She summoned the energy to help me do an emergency rescue on my poor over-bleached hair... we did some red, and she gave me a shorter cut, to try to get rid of the super damaged bits. I was a little traumatized (I hate change) but after playing with it a bit in preparation for a Yelp party, I gave it a bit of curl and had some pouty fun:

My mum also got me a dress from Modcloth (best mum of the year award?!) for Tuesday night's party at the Empire Room. I was feeling a little extra festive because Tuesday also marked 3 years in NYC for me! Can't believe it's been that long. Was fun to have a night on the town, especially inside the Empire State Building-- pretty fitting. 

Yelp hosted Tuesday night's party, and I did feel a little bit overdressed... apparently Yelpers weren't much for the theme (boo). Fun night though, with free drinks and a photo corner where they were instantly printing photos for everyone. And of course, it helped restore my faith in my hair (here's to hoping it grows fast and quells my fears of soon being bald, ha). To 3 years in the Big Apple!


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