love it: brunch and cupcakes and legos, oh my!

love it

Yesterday I had brunch at MexiQ in Astoria. I got the french toast- which is coated in a crust of frosted flakes- yum! The eggs, unfortunately, tasted just how they looked- like rubber eggs from your kitchen playset back in the 80's. But the french toast and bacon were more than enough for me, so no complaints. After brunch we went skating at Bryant Park, which is always a fun time. We were super chilly after a couple hours outside, and it was starting to snow (again!). We walked up to Rockefeller and stopped into Magnolia for some hot chocolate and cupcakes. (Their hot chocolate is ahmaaazing!)

While we were enjoying our sweets, I noticed the LEGO store across the way in Rockefeller Center (which apparently has been there since June... I guess I'm less than observant). We went over and were more excited than 20-somethings should be about being able to pick and choose individual LEGO pieces to buy (windows! rims! flat green pieces for front yards!) When you were building LEGOs as a kid, didn't you always lament over that one piece that was MIA from your collection? I digress.... but the LEGO store was pretty fun, and definitely a place I look forward to bringing my nephew when he comes to visit the city. 

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